Virtual Trade Show

Creating the Metaverse for the Energy Sector

Virtual Energy Service Trade Fair

The Virtual Trade Show Booth is a patented (Patent No.: D972,599) and innovative online tool. Achieve the benefits of a green energy trade show while limiting the need for employee travel to in-person networking events and exhibitions.

Joining this metaverse creates a unique branding opportunity for your business. Upload videos, give away prizes and collect business cards in unique and creative ways.

It is challenging to decide which trade fairs to attend because of the time commitment and costs. It is impossible to attend every event related to sustainability. Therefore, this ongoing digital trade show serves as a supplement to your “real life” trade show marketing. After your booth goes live in the Virtual Trade Show simply check for requests as they roll in— change your display as often as you’d like and let it do the promotional work for you.

As we shift toward limiting travel to reduce our carbon footprint and practice social distancing, digital platforms will be more relevant, changing the way we interact with clients.

Energy Partner Network is committed to providing founders, innovators, contractors and utility companies with tools to get results that count.

Energy Partner Network provides a best in class virtual trade show experience. As a result, you will gain access to an audience at all hours. Highlight your brand through videos, an electronic exhibition booth and trade show giveaways. Annual memberships to the site are often less expensive than attending a single energy trade show. Additionally, you can use your VTS booth to promote in person events you host or attend in the future. This platform is an exceptional value with a return on investment that is hard to match.

Virtual Trade Show Features & Capabilities

Be creative and optimize your energy marketing plan. Post videos introducing your team, your brand and new products or services. Above all, video content is an important medium for consumers and potential partners to learn more about you. Videos can be linked via YouTube or uploaded in another format.

Design your exhibitor booth to reflect your company’s distinctive personality. Members can enhance their display using the company logo, team photos and brand colors. Customize the booth in a variety of imaginative ways to stand out. Add your conference call line then share your booth, give away prizes and add your Sustainability Report. In summary, this is a new way to differentiate your sustainable company brand.

Encourage interactivity. In the same way in-person energy trade fairs operate, members can give away prizes, run contests and set up appointments. In contrast, these capabilities encourage online visitors to submit their contact information. This is a more modern way to interact with your audience.

Accordingly, update your content anytime day or night to keep others abreast of changes in your business. For instance, topics might include territory expansion, new products, management changes or discounted pricing.

Use ads to increase visibility. Businesses are found in this area of the website by category, keyword or business name. Truly expand your reach and increase brand awareness by purchasing a sponsorship ad. Banner ads provide instant premium placement on the top of this page and greater visibility. Finally, ad space is limited and reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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