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Refrigeration Technologies LLC

Cold Storage Efficiency Measures

It all starts with helping a client outside an industry. Then it develops into ideas. One to save energy. Two to reduce the carbon footprint. Three to add controls and monitoring. How does one handle the ROI to return value to our clients? How can we take everything that our Clients are asking for, add controls and machine learning capabilities and put it all into one box? One Design? One System? Plus, make it affordable so that people with commercial refrigeration systems will not only want to buy it but have it installed. How does One Company create a revolution in an industry that is antiquated and dated and focus them on making the necessary changes to bring their systems into the Technological age of Artificial Intelligence?


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Typically, you can save 45-90% using ArtikControl™ ACHC by controlling operational costs. What does it mean in real dollars? In areas where you pay 14 cents/kWh, it could add up to $85.00/cooler door or $150/freezer door, per year! If you are a store owner that has 20 coolers doors = $1700 + 12 freezer doors = $1,800 = $3500 a year savings, just on your doors!



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