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Clean Energy Brokerage Firm

PartnerStitch is the Clean Energy Brokerage Firm Selling Sustainable Solutions.

SG&A expenses help a business grow, but they can easily get out of control in a highly competitive marketplace. When companies begin to overspend on sales and marketing it invariably leads to disgruntled investors and market consolidation. 

PartnerStitch offers a real solution for energy companies seeking a reliable third-party sales channel. We are staffed with US-based energy professionals with years of experience selling a full suite of utility programs, renewable energy solutions and efficiency technologies.

Our history runs deep in the energy industry. We’ve overseen brokered sales transactions exceeding one billion dollars–and now the disruptive innovation model from PartnerStitch will change the way sustainability is bought and sold. We often aggregate purchases to gain advantageous pricing for buyers while significantly reducing supplier overhead costs.

PartnerStitch does not charge clients by the hour– if we don’t sell anything–we earn nothing. Our process is seamless, effective and fair.

“Join us as we revolutionize the energy economy.”


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