Amply Power

Fleet Vehicle EV Charging

Amply Power offers distinct solutions for EV charging of fleet vehicles.

Our cloud-based charge management software provides everything a fleet operator needs to cost-effectively manage and optimize their EVs.

Features of the OMEGA™ Charge Management System

For fleets and facilities with physical or operational constraints, implementing permanent EVSE can be another barrier to electrification. AMPLY eliminates this roadblock with our portable, semi-permanent charging infrastructure solution, INRUSH.

Our Charging-as-a-Service solution assumes responsibility for all aspects of charging your EV fleet, from EVSE procurement and installation to operations and maintenance and beyond. We bundle CapEx, OpEx, energy costs, and incentives into a fixed rate, allowing fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term.

Maintenance and repair for EV charging infrastructure can be more complicated than traditional fueling stations and involve many more suppliers. With ELEVATE, we assume responsibility for your charging station operations, while handling all sub-supplier issues and costs on your behalf.

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