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EV Charging for HOAs

Are you confused about EV Charging solutions?

You’re not alone.

Energy Partner Network understands that an HOA EV installation goes well beyond which brand to use. With budgets and risks to consider, EPN is your trusted partner. We guide you through the process from equipment and network selection to warranty.

Energy Partner Network brings the unique experience of a long standing association-focused business model. We are brand agnostic and understand that an HOA needs buy in from Board members, residents, lawyers and property managers to make a project move forward. During our process we are available to help you host meetings and provide presentations to all parties involved.

As more residents make the switch to electric vehicles, demand for EV charging stations will grow. Therefore, a lack of charging options will be a deal breaker for a growing number of prospective buyers. Another consideration is that incentive levels generally drop over time, so there are advantages to early adoption. Whether you’re on the fence about installing charging stations or you’re ready to move forward, we can help. EPN’s HOA ChargeUp program is designed specifically for the HOA EV Charging client. We include a comprehensive intake prior to our initial consultation and the call is free with no obligation whatsoever.

Like any new technology and industry, many “experts” will come out of the woodwork. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve been helping associations for over a decade with their most important energy decisions. With changing incentives and many options, don’t go into this buyer beware market without us.

HOA Associations, Property Management Companies, and HOA Board members, please contact us today to learn more about HOA ChargeUp. Send an email to [email protected].

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