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Female Founded Sustainable Certified (FFSC)

Female Founded and Sustainable Certified


People sometimes ask why the FSSC badge, a bee badge that represents Female Founded Sustainable Certified companies, has a bee on it? Many people do not realize the importance of bees in the ecosystem of life. They are responsible for two thirds of the world’s food supply–keeping honeybees healthy is critical for all of us.

The bee badge represents female founders in the sustainable ecosystem. Women are unfortunately underrepresented, but like bees, critically necessary to the success and maturation of the industry.

FFSC hosts webinars and conference calls covering topics ranging from topics like: business strategy, hiring, sales and marketing strategy, unique challenges women face in the workforce and more.  As a result, women in energy can determine which organizations are female founded and female friendly. This organization was created for women by women who understand the unique challenges faced in the corporate environment.

We encourage members to connect with one another to determine if opportunities exist that are mutually beneficial. FFSC does not require a long and expensive process to register and receive a badge.

Contact us using the Leave your Contact form to the —–> right side of the screen. OR visit our website

Reach out today to get your bee badge and see what the buzz is all about.  If you would like to support FFS Certified’s cause there are sponsorships available here on our trade show booth.


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