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As the energy field becomes more competative how will you differentiate your company beyond your product and services? The revenue forecast is always growth, so what’s your people plan to get there?

Your sales people are your most important asset, so invest in them. Free lunches and game rooms are nice, but employees want to learn and grow. People want to feel engaged and excited about the work they’re doing. Happy, well-trained employees produce more results. It’s that simple. Sales training is needed even for veterans.

Impact goes beyond an off-the-shelf sales training, we learn about your business and your people before creating a custom made sales training just for you.

Get a customized sales training program tailored for your business, product and target market provided by energy professionals that have trained energy professionals in multiple areas of the clean tech, efficiency and commodity areas. We have seen it all – unengaged teams, challenging internal systems, market saturation, compensation challenges and difficulty with hiring and retention.

Impact goes beyond sales training – our process can spark a culture shift and get your team working in new ways.

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211 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003 US

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