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Energy sales training is critical to the success of any organization with a product or service to sell in the energy economy. Therefore, energy sales training should be specific to the industry -solar sales training, energy efficiency sales training, geothermal sale

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s training, etc. All areas of the marketplace benefit from a strong and well-trained sales staff. Create a strong corporate training program to ensure employees are confident, well prepared, and able to optimize a company’s profitability.

Custom Sales Training

Custom sales training in person or training online can benefit your business in many ways. A custom sales training program will typically involve stakeholders like the sales managers and technology staff. Therefore, training would require an overview off proprietary sales tools like an energy audit tool. It’s important that the company providing a custom program should provide a consultative sales approach to selling complex energy projects. Sales training length of time should also be considered. You never want a session to impart fatigue on its participants. For example, many companies find that  a two week new hire sales training is just the right amount of time. That allows two weeks to teach new employees a complex product. A less complex item like selling LED lighting might only require a one week sales training. Energy sales training should not be less than three days at a very minimum.


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