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Badge Meter

A leading manufacturer of flow measurement and control technology serving water utilities, municipalities and industrial... Read More

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ADMS platform to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, restore and optimize critical operations. Read More

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To unlock the power of data and AI and be an indispensable innovation partner for... Read More

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Provides affordable Web-based, customer portal solutions that help water, electric, and gas utilities improve customer... Read More

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Provides Distribution Utilities, Municipalities, Commercial, and Industrial customers with the data that they require to... Read More

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Conservice, LLC

Our utility billing services include utility and ancillary billing, metering equipment installation and maintenance, conservation... Read More

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VERDELOGIX technology enables the integration of alternative energy sources into electrical utility grids. Read More

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Elect Solve

data integration and data management software solutions allow utilities to get the most out of... Read More

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provides customers fast and easy methods to pay as frequently and as much as they... Read More

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