Future-proof your smart charging

  • A truly open and interoperable EV charging management platform

  • Connect, monetize, and control charging stations on any OCPP-compliant station purchased anywhere

  • Adopt an open management platform that provides flexibility and expand-ability

We highly encourage you when seeking a quote from any EV Charging provider, to ask them about your obligation and freedom with the software. As more and more companies are developing software solutions for EV Charging it is important to protect your charging system with the freedom to use any network with your charging system. You want to always make sure get the most cost-effective option and not be restricted to only using one network.

Our aim as your service provider is to deliver a service you are happy with and stay competitive in a rapidly moving market, in return we hope to get your business, but we will always give you the option to use any network you wish. Think about this for a moment, you purchase a brand-new phone with Shaw on a 2-year contract, at the end of your contract you will have the option to move to a new network if you can get a better deal. This is also how your EV Chargers should operate. If this doesn’t make sense to you, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Protecting your investment is crucial.