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Energy Partner Network identifies cannabis as a significant opportunity for the energy ecosystem, so we put together a cannabis directory introducing you to some of the best cannabis companies in the industry. With the decriminalization of cannabis, an enormous energy

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efficiency and energy management opportunity is in the works.

Additionally, utilities will have an entirely new, energy-intensive group of businesses to service. Due to an aging infrastructure, this new sector will present challenges for utilities. It will also present opportunities for our members. Green energy solutions will pave the way for a clean and thriving new business sector. In the directory you will find an assortment of companies in different niches including: CBD oils, commercial and residential growers, dispensaries, and medicinal services. Cannabis production and preparation for retail will spur innovations in energy efficient equipment, sustainable agriculture practices, efficient lighting and HVAC. In addition, building automation, smart sensors, geothermal, battery storage and solar will also see customization. As the sector matures in its product, services and technologies the need for financing, distributors, electricians and installers will grow.

Cannabis Growers

Beyond commercial cultivation, some states will permit limited residential planting. The energy needed to power these at home cannabis grower facilities is as much as the power used in 30 refrigerators. This means this industry will have a wide range of customer types from large agriculture to small residential applications and everything in between. As for retail dispensaries, their energy opportunities are just like those of any other business being served by our ecosystem.

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