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What products and/or services does your company provide?

Energy Partner Network is a comprehensive repository of thousands of sustainable companies listed in over 75 energy-related categories. Members use the platform for energy branding and marketing of their services. Members upload content including photos, videos, case studies and articles. The energy ecosystem has no geographic borders, and neither should a business today—we enable members worldwide to transact using best in class, patented applications and advertising tools. Members receive a profile with integrated metrics, Open for Partnerships filtering and search capabilities, plus the coveted, 24/7 Virtual Trade Show booth. Energy Partner Network is all about driving bottom line results.

What are some of the challenges you see in the market?

At Energy Partner Network we believe the future of the energy industry is virtual, sustainable, and well-connected. Ambitious carbon objectives have created a modern-day “industrial revolution.” However, progress is hampered by the many challenges of working in the energy marketplace—fluctuating rebates, regulatory requirements, financing hurdles, lack of available installers and an abundance of new players in the market. The founders of Energy Partner Network created this platform because the velocity we need to achieve meaningful carbon reduction will only happen through a strong, centralized partnership network formed across all areas of the industry. Energy Partner Network fuels connections while helping businesses grow.

What keeps you motivated to lead an organization in this industry?

This industry is changing rapidly. It is dynamic, interesting and still in its infancy. The opportunity we have to help shape the future of the energy economy is incredibly humbling and extremely motivating. Every company throughout the world uses energy--it is the great equalizer--and Energy Partner Network is the great equalizer that brings together companies of all sizes. We make a point to assist and onboard startups and companies founded by women, minorities and veterans.

What is your company mission?

Our Mission: Transforming How the Energy Industry Does Business.

What is your differentiator in the market?

There is no platform as comprehensive and complete as ours. Energy Partner Network was created by professionals from the industry to benefit the entire marketplace. We’ve created a digital community driven solely by our desire to achieve a carbon-free future.  We have no limitations on what we will do to help our members succeed.

How do you believe collaboration can fuel change?

As companies attempt to collaborate, many are left struggling to bring ideas to market due to time and capital constraints. Meanwhile, established companies are eager to embrace new technologies. Energy Partner Network allows all businesses —large and small, startup to well-established--make new connections to accelerate the development and implementation of sustainable products and services. We believe in leveling the playing field because mass-collaborative is the only way to fuel dramatic change.

What would you like potential partners to know about you and the company?

We understand your business, your challenges and your opportunities. Let us be your advocate, partner and trusted digital ecosystem as you grow, innovate and evolve.
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