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What products and/or services does your company provide?

We provide FFSC verification and certification so companies can proudly display that they are female founded and sustainable. This also allows for other companies to easily identify these female founded companies.

What are some of the challenges you see in the market?

The biggest challenge we see in the energy marketplace is the lack of female founded businesses. We want to help young female entrepreneurs grow and thrive.

What keeps you motivated to lead an organization in this industry?

What keeps us motivated is the promise of a new step in women's progress. Women today are better positioned than anytime in "herstory" to help create and mature an industry--and get recognized for their efforts as leaders in the field. This is a very exciting time for women and we hope our organization helps many women achieve their ambitions.

What is your company mission?

Our mission is to promote female founded sustainable companies in the ecosystem of energy.

What is your differentiator in the market?

We are unique in what we offer to our members. The barriers to entry are not prohibitive like some other organizations and we do not exist to spam or constantly upsell our members.

How do you believe collaboration can fuel change?

Collaboration is the key to success---and not just women collaborating with women, but women collaborating with everyone. Communicating, collaborating and connecting is going to be the only way to advance sustainable practices throughout the world.

What would you like potential partners to know about you and the company?

Our organization is committed and it is here to stay. We hope to see our badge on every female founded business in the world.
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