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Energy Efficiency-with no upfront out of pocket cost


What products and/or services does your company provide?

We offer innovative ways for commercial and industrial clients to save money on energy costs. Energy efficiency is at the heart of energy conservation and reducing both commercial and industrial long term operating expenses.  Replacing older, inefficient HVAC, combustion equipment, lighting and energy monitoring and controls is an essential function of today’s facilities management. In summation, you reduce your energy consumption, improve your facility and equipment, and save money all with no upfront out of pocket cost.

What are some of the challenges you see in the market?

In conjunction with our industry partners, we offer energy audits, equipment replacement and installation all at no out of pocket expense to the client.  You no longer have to be a massive industrial company to take advantage of these programs. In fact, many of the businesses taking advantage of energy upgrades are small to medium energy consumers such as real estate owner operators, restaurant groups and auto dealerships. Now, here is the best part -- all this with no capital expenditure to the client!  The cost of all improvements, equipment and construction expense is amortized in a longer term, competitively priced energy supply contract.  Depending on the scope of the project, the supply contracts are three to five years in duration.  After the supply contract is over you own the equipment.

What keeps you motivated to lead an organization in this industry?

We have offered valuable services for over three decades of experience to the energy marketplace. This industry never gets old and we always find new ways to help our customers. Helping business owners keeps us motivated.

What is your company mission?

Our mission is to bring our clients best in breed energy solutions to meet all of their efficiency requirements.

What is your differentiator in the market?

Our process is designed to be simple and worry free to the end user.  Aaltra will schedule a comprehensive energy audit that will identify areas in your facility that can be updated or improved.  The results of the energy audit will specify the type of upgrades, costs of equipment and installation along with the anticipated reduction in energy consumption realized by such improvements.

How do you believe collaboration can fuel change?

We believe the complexities of today's clean energy economy welcomes and needs collaboration. Instead of focusing on competitors, companies are open to working together to bring products and services to the market faster and more efficiently. That shift in thinking is fueling mass collaboration and a well connected global marketplace.

What would you like potential partners to know about you and the company?

Our History Aaltra Energy founder Jonathan Morris brings over 25 years of experience to the table. Jonathan Morris’s career in the energy industry began in 1990 when Mr. Morris was employed with Cogen Partners of America (CPA) as construction manager for complex mechanical/electrical construction projects. During his tenure with CPA, he supervised the construction of more than 15 megawatts of combined cycle power installations. In 1995, Mr. Morris was one of the founders and owners of CPM Energy, Inc., a NJBPU licensed natural gas supplier. During this period, he held the roles of Director of Sales and Marketing, and later, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. CPM Energy grew to be one of the most successful energy marketing companies in the Northeast. CPM, with offices in Eatontown, NJ, and Westborough, MA, served commercial/industrial clients in 11 states and 33 utility service areas. In 1998, Metromedia Company, one of the largest private partnerships in the United States, took a majority position in CPM Energy, and the company name changed to Metromedia Energy, Inc. (MME). In 2009, Mr. Morris was named President and CEO of Metromedia Energy. During this time, MME added electricity brokerage services to its portfolio, later representing more than 20 electricity suppliers and providing service to over 10,000 commercial and industrial clients throughout the Northeast. Today, Mr. Morris serves as President and CEO of Aaltra Energy and has assembled a growing team of professionals to serve Aaltra’s commercial, industrial and institutional clients.
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