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PartnerStitch is a clean energy brokerage firm. Suppliers of energy products and services can gain access to sales agents who close sales for an agreed upon commission.

Using EPN’s vast network of thousands of energy companies, association members and a well-connected advisory board, PartnerStitch connects suppliers of energy related products and services with buyers. Their talented sales team will broker deals on your behalf while you enjoy the benefit of paying only for performance. Additionally, if you want to expand your sales force without high costs and lead times, engaging an effective brokerage firm could be the right solution for you.

A sample of several of the current offerings include:

Energy Auditing Services

Commercial Services

Satellite Technology Software, Contractor LED or EV Auditing Software and Local Law Building Auditing.

Building Efficiency

SMB, C&I and MUSH Markets

This robust category includes LED, HVAC, Refrigeration, Geothermal, Peak Shaving, Demand Response and More.

EV Charging

Multiple Brands & Packages

Purchase EV Charging Stations, EV Software, Electric Vehicle Technology, Standalone Project Financing or Turnkey Service.

Financing & Funding

Financial Services

Project Funding, Startup Funding, P/E, IPO Preparation and Financial Software.

Generation & Utility Services

Off Grid and On Grid

Utility Scale Solar, Battery Technology, Cogen, Hydro, Wind and Trade Alley Program Assistance.

Software Technologies

Apps and Software

Blockchain, IoT, CRM, SaaS, Controls, Risk Modeling and Utility Software.

Contact [email protected] to see if your products and services qualify for their sales catalog.

“When you hit a roadblock in sales, call PartnerStitch.”


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