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Lynxspring understands the importance of connected data, integrated control systems, operational value and business outcomes in today’s building automation environment. We understand the need to do more than deliver consistent environmental controls. Control systems need to have the ability to collect data, analyze it, predict challenges and respond to changing conditions—translating operational data into actionable information.

Strategic Operations of Facilities Matter

Lynxspring provides scalable smart building and facility environment solutions that monitor and control various energy management systems and intelligent equipment. The solutions address key performance indicators (KPIs) and work flows delivering data-driven insights. Analysis of such trends in connected data allow facility and corporate management to deliver optimal operational efficiencies, occupancy comfort levels, savings and results.

Our edge-to-enterprise (E2E) open software and modular hardware platforms include everything you need for easy deployment including edge connectivity, integration, automation, command, control, data access, tagging and normalization, analytics and Cloud services.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Cost

Lynxspring’s products and turnkey solutions are customizable for any sized building and take advantage of a portfolio of programmable automation controllers, edge devices and gateways built on open platforms supporting multiple applications and protocols. Our flexible solutions also include:  data management and a visualization engine, edge and Cloud data extraction, and rules and application management.

Lynxspring’s products and licensing are well suited for price-sensitive applications—reducing engineering design time and installation costs.

Your Partner in Smart Buildings, Energy Management,
Equipment Control and IoT Solutions

Whether you are a system integrator, a building owner, a facility operator, or an original equipment manufacturer, Lynxspring technologies and solutions simplify integration, interoperability and access to connected data from the edge-to-the-enterprise.


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