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virus air purifier

Protect The Very Air You Breathe with virus air purifier
UVC Lights installed in your HVAC System kills 99.99% of viruses in the air-stream!

Clean-air.solutions is a subsidiary of Utility Reduction Solutions, Inc. and provides various technologies to prevent the indoor spread of infectious diseases.  First and foremost we provide indoor air monitoring sensors to identify problem areas in your facility then provide continuous monitoring to ensure any Indoor Air Quality measures are effective. To mitigate the spread of airborne infection diseases, we provide Ultraviolet C germicidal lights for both air and surface sterilization, bipolar ionization, and high MERV mechanical+charged filtration. Utility Reduction Solutions, Inc. provides energy efficiency retrofits for both lighting, air conditioning systems, and large computer users.  Our EE turn-key recommendations include applicable rebates and tax incentives to keep the upfront costs to a minimum.  If needed we have zero down financing options to eliminate upfront costs completely.


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Hacienda Heights, California 91745 United States

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