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573 Sackett Street , Brooklyn, New York 11217 US

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HEVO wireless EV Charging was founded by Army captain Jeremy McCool. Made in the USA, HEVO electric vehicle chargers offer a best in class charging experience. HEVO’s Brooklyn-based team designed a ground-mounted pad that beams electricity up to a car-mounted receiver to wirelessly charge it. Additionally, in 2020, HEVO became the first company in the world to satisfactorily achieve SAE J2954 and UL 2750 testing qualifications.

What Makes HEVO’s EV Technology Better

HEVO offers a seamless experience for drivers and a unique set of technology capabilities with over a dozen patents. The team spent over a decade developing a cost competitive, third-party certified, manufacturable, and highly efficient wireless charging product. By enabling drivers to simply park and power up, HEVO paves the way for mass adoption of electric vehicles. HEVO is driving towards a future of universal, safe, and wide-spread wireless EV charging. We’re committed to accelerating the energy transformation towards a future that is wireless, autonomous, renewable and electric for use and enjoyment.

About CEO Jeremy McCool

“It’s really about persistence and resilience,” founder and CEO Jeremy McCool said in a recent interview. McCool, a former Army captain, first grappled with distributed energy on deployment to Iraq. He helped set up local power generation in a Baghdad neighborhood suffering from energy insecurity.

Learn More about HEVO at our Virtual Trade Show Booth or reach out to us directly through the Contact Form on this Page.


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573 Sackett Street , Brooklyn, New York 11217 US

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