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We fund, design, and manage a complete lighting upgrade, which generates savings that we share with you. It’s Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS), and it’s the future of commercial lighting.

Future Lighting Solutions Launches the Usable Light Tool for UV and Horticulture Applications

Future Lighting Solutions, the world-class leader and innovator in demand creation, marketing and distribution of solid-state lighting technologies, announces the inclusion of non-visible LEDs and horticultural LEDs to its Usable Light Tool (ULT). Available free of charge to engineers worldwide, the ULT enables lighting designers to simulate usable light from LEDs, allowing the user to make critical LED selection decisions.
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We profitably reduce our country’s energy consumption, update our country’s outdated infrastructure, and mitigate carbon emissions.

We Are Proud

We love knowing that every dollar we earn saves our customers money and makes their business — and the environment — more sustainable.

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Seattle, Washington 98144 United States

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