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EnergyHawk is a global leader of satellite powered Energy Assessments and site audits. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between third party energy companies and customer energy data. Our customers are able to search the largest energy consumers in North America and easily access consumption, demand, solar scores in order to help their go to market strategies.

Our software uses satellite imagery to source and assess the largest Commercial & Industrial energy consumers globally. By aggregating data points like facility square footage, industry, visible rooftop equipment, utility zone, and other data attributes, out platform generates energy consumption estimations for over 100,000 facilities across every state in North America.

A cleaner more sustainable energy future relies on a level playing field for all energy providers and market innovations. More efficient access to customer data and real time understanding of market opportunities will level the playing field and accelerate the adoption of distributed energy resources.

Satellite Driven Technology

Using satellite imagery, our software scours for the largest and most energy intensive facilities in North America. Using industry specific PowerTrends, Rooftop AI, and automated analysis of each facility and local characteristics, we provide an Energy Assessment for over 1,000,000 facilities.


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