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Looking for portfolio level commercial energy auditing softwares?

Advanced Energy Analysis at Your Fingertips
OptiMiser is the next generation of professional energy audit software, combining industry-leading accuracy with streamlined workflow and compelling reports.
Try OptiMiser for free to discover how you can cut your auditing time and save your clients more energy. Our Energy Audit Software provides insights for property managers, utility service providers and consumers.

OptiMiser Focus is a web-based application that allows users to organize and analyze their utility account data by building, department, campus, community or other grouping, and provides robust visual analytics and tools to help understand, monitor and share information.

OptiMiser Focus is:

  • Trusted: relied on by state and local governments, nonprofits and businesses since 2008.
  • Flexible: offers control over how utility data is organized and reported with hierarchical structures up to 5 layers deep and handles integrations with multiple utility providers.
  • Secure:  encrypts building and utility data in transit and at rest with advanced AWS infrastructure and partnership with AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Mission Cloud.


States and Municipalities

Accommodate all your utility providers: investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, co-ops, delivery fuel providers, water service providers, and fleet fuel. OptiMiser Focus specializes in handling the complex security requirements and data structures essential for providing energy insights within and across jurisdictions and providers.

Massachusetts’ Chooses OptiMiser Focus for Statewide Community-Level Energy Management

OptiMiser provides a OptiMiser Focus instance for the State of Massachusetts customized and branded as MassEnergyInsight.net (https://www.mass.gov/service-details/massenergyinsight).

MassEnergyInsight (MEI) aggregates more than 1,800,000 utility records each month from every major Massachusetts investor-owned utility. MEI also receives data from 22 municipal utilities, accommodating dozens of different data formats and data transfer protocols.

MEI is a core part of the State’s Green Communities program.

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