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EV Fleet Charging Simplified


AMPLY is focused on transforming the commercial fleet transportation sector by removing the challenges, surprises, and learning curve that fleet operators often face when switching to electricity as a fuel.

In a diesel-vehicle fleet world, the cost of the fuel varies by 10-20% per year, in the electric fuel fleet world the cost of electric fuel often varies by 300% (3X) per day.

AMPLY Power removes the risk of time-of-use and demand-charge driven pricing variance, to provide a known, consistent cost for electric fuel-as-a-service, by using our breadth of knowledge, access to electricity markets, and real-time energy-flow management technology that keeps your fleet charged at the best cost.

As EV fast charging products are still evolving, we remove the risk for a Fleet Operator on choosing equipment that could become obsolete.

Different vehicles and fleet usage scenarios require different charging equipment and fueling algorithms; AMPLY Power is not tied to one vendor of EV charging equipment to allow us to tailor a solution for each fleet, that fits the broader objectives and policies of the business.

We take the technical guesswork out of fleet electrification so that fleets can invest in zero-emission operations with confidence.


Our cloud-based charge management software provides everything a fleet operator needs to cost-effectively manage and optimize their EVs.

For fleets and facilities with physical or operational constraints, implementing permanent EVSE can be another barrier to electrification. AMPLY eliminates this roadblock with our portable, semi-permanent charging infrastructure solution, INRUSH.

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335 E Middlefield Rd., Mountain View, CALIFORNIA 94043 US

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