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Low Cost Electricity


The members of Edison Energy Associates (EEA) are trusted advisors to thousands of businesses including car dealerships, grocers, retail shops, municipalities, universities, K-12 schools and hospitals. EEA delivers low cost electricity and natural gas, and turnkey energy efficiency projects.

Our low cost electricity and natural gas promise is possible through our virtual office environment and automated back-end tools. By eliminating brick and mortar office space, and using sophisticated back-end office technology, we are able to provide more reasonable markup on wholesale energy supply that other firms simply find hard to match. This allows us to act as a true buyer’s agent providing low cost electricity and gas, rather than solely acting as a seller’s agent for suppliers.
As an example, your current electricity contract might be marked up over half a penny or as high as one cent! An account using 2,000,000 kWh per year could save $0.005/kWh in commission fees alone resulting in a $10,000 annual savings. It’s the same concept as buying a house – why pay 6% in commission fees if you can get the same house and pay only 2%? The product is the same, the contract is the same, but the price is better. We often ask why companies renew with an agent that’s charging an astounding markup? New agent relationships are a gateway to new possibilities, and we hope you will join us in the next part of your energy journey.


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Jersey City, New Jersey 07302 United States

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