New Retail Energy Marketplace and Sales Automation for Suppliers

(NEWTOWN, CT, January 19, 2021) To help retail energy suppliers enroll customers with less manual effort and profitably price each deal with ease, POWWR has announced the release of a new holistic marketplace and platform that was created only for energy suppliers.  Sales360 will help suppliers to understand what’s going on in their business at all times.

“Profitable energy sales have never been easier” said Michael Parrella, CEO at POWWR.  “Energy retailers can now keep track of all their channels to keep their brokers happy. With Sales360 you can increase the number of successful transactions on the first submission.”

Sales360 creates a seamless customer journey, automating the process all the way through contracting and includes:

  • An automatic pricing and enrollment process
  • Reporting and analytics to help you understand your business
  • Fewer dropouts and more successful transactions the first time around
  • Easily track commissions without spending time double-checking brokers
  • Automated contract generation and renewals management
  • Broker access to a world-class CRM system
  • Access to more energy brokers in the new POWWR Marketplace

Andrew Taylor, Head of Indirect Sales at Npower, comments, “”We’ve been keen to employ a software product capable not only of reducing our cost to serve but also providing a scalable solution across the business. The proposal POWWR came to us with more than satisfied on both counts and we’re extremely pleased to be able to channel their expertise into our own offering.”

POWWR is an integration expert. Sales360 can be adapted to fit within your established business processes, and team access levels can be customized by defined roles and levels. 

Whether you’re an established energy retailer, or are just starting out on your journey, Sales360 will clear the way for faster sales, with improved margins.

If you’d like more information on this suite of products, please email [email protected]

About POWWR: POWWR operates in both the US and UK markets. It is backed by over 11 years of retail energy broker and supplier experience, 65+ energy suppliers, 1,400+ registered brokers, 1.68M+ quoted B2B transactions, 145+ Employees, and over 50 in-house developers.

The Next Generation Marketplace.

The Ultimate Guide to Channel Partners

Setting Up Sales Channels

Setting up channel partnerships in the energy market is riddled with its own unique challenges and huge upside potential.

It’s easy to get caught up in the promise of easy sales and new leads. However, we suggest taking the time to bake out these very important details of your sales strategy. It is critical to have multiple sales channels both internal and external. Internal sales provides you a predictable and manageable revenue stream. Third party sales provides a wide net and deal volume–albeit less predictable. Once the low hanging fruit is gone, strong partners will help you with deeper market penetration.

Does the potential broker/agent share the same values and mission that you do?

Trust is the basis of any relationship. If you aren’t sure if you can trust an agent with your company’s reputation, think twice.

Does the channel partner have relevant experience, a verifiable track record and references?

This is easy to verify by looking at LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp and other publicly available resources.

Have your communications been professional and leave you feeling that the partner will follow up and follow through with clients?

The last thing you want is to create more work for yourself with brokers who do sloppy or incomplete work or worse, who disappear once they send a lead in. Therefore, focus on quality over quantity when it comes to channel sales.

Are your commissions attractive enough?

The best channel partners will be wooed by multiple suppliers, so ensure you set your company up for success in the long term. If you know a great channel partner is out there, but you aren’t getting any business from them take a look at your fee structure and your level of support. Are emails to your company going unanswered? Are you giving out small referral commissions to try to save money? Calculate the COGS on direct sales and make sure what you’re offering is fair and attractive. Remember, it’s better to get 80% of something rather than 100% of nothing.

Do you have an on-boarding process in place to sign on and train your third party sales partners?

You should invest in adequate channel management on-boarding and support or you will quickly find yourself wasting time answering the same questions over and over again. Prepare a broker, reseller and referrer agreement–these are three different types of sales channel arrangements. Brokers typically sell projects from start to finish with your assistance and some may even provide their own facility audits — the contract is still signed between the end user and your company; a referrer will usually just send “hot” leads for a lesser commission than a broker; and a reseller will take physical inventory and needs special licensing.

Managing your Channel Partners

Know the difference between these types of channel partners and be ready to transact with them in their preferred way. We strongly suggest internal account managers who can provide your brokers with updated pricing, product news, technical information and other items after they are signed on. Just like you nurture customer relationships, you must nurture channel partners! If you know they are out there doing business, but they aren’t doing business with you, find out why.

In the end, the only way the clean energy future will become a reality in any meaningful time frame is through third party channels.

If you’d like to join PartnerStitch, the premier third party clean energy brokerage firm inquire with them or with Energy Partner Network. Experience how a full stack sales and marketing partner can help you grow your top line revenue in new ways.

Virtual Trade Show for Energy Companies

In person energy trade shows and events are taking a back seat as social distancing continues. Covid-19 created a shift in the way companies market themselves and network with potential partners and reach new customers. It is not just Covid, however. Before the pandemic, we saw a shift in the energy industry as companies are working towards reducing their carbon footprint by traveling less. A 24/7 virtual trade show booth is one of the most critical pieces of digital real estate you can own at the moment. Additionally, securing your placement on a growing platform is a wise investment as the energy sector explodes. It will become more difficult and more expensive to rank well on Google, Facebook, and other social platforms.

At Energy Partner Network, we believe interactive digital marketing should be accessible to all. Currently, search marketing opportunities are limited to expensive (and boring) search engines, social media and cookie cutter directory websites. The energy industry, in particular, will be a thought leader in virtual, sustainable and well-connected platforms like Energy Partner Network. Thus, we created a one-of-a kind virtual trade show for sustainable energy companies. Members can showcase their products and services, attract new business, and connect with other leaders in the industry.

What Does a Virtual Trade Show Look Like for Energy Companies?

Our virtual trade show offers companies, like yours, all the perks of an in-person trade show with a much broader reach. It is a fun and modern way to target a broad audience and engage with new potential clients and partners.

Our virtual trade show offers the following benefits to sustainable companies:

·         Virtual booth — the cool thing about a virtual booth is that you don’t have to be there! Meaning, you can put your best foot forward by choosing the right videos, images and colors. This not only cuts down on travel costs, but it allows you to articulate what you want to put out there about your product and brand.

·         Digital reach — you can reach so many more consumers and potential business partners digitally than you could in person. The virtual trade show is designed to help you grow your business in the most cost-effective way from the comfort of your computer! Premium members get free video production, content assistance and SEO upgrades to their booth.

·         Develop and share your unique brand — the most important part of your company is your unique story. While some people purchase a product simply for a product, partnerships are built on a deeper level. Partners and life consumers need to feel connected to you, your company, and your story. Our digital energy trade show allows your company to tell your unique brand story. Set yourself apart from your competitors through creative videos, pictures, sponsor/partner logos and more!

How can digital real estate help your bottom line?

·         Save money on traveling and reduce your carbon footprint — it is impossible to run a booth at every sustainable trade show, so you may feel like you are missing out. With a virtual booth, you save money on travel costs, but you can also use it to promote events you will attend and/or host in the future. You remain open 24/7 online.

·         Encourage interactivity — just like you would at an in-person event, you can encourage visitor engagement by running contests and giving out prizes. This is a fun way to engage with potential clients and partners, ask for contact information and set up appointments!

·         Update your booth anytime — you can update your virtual booth anytime, keeping your audience abreast of the latest news in your business.

Join Our Virtual Energy Service Fair Today

If you are ready to position yourself as a key player in the sustainable community, contact us today. We look forward to having you join our community and can’t wait to see how you design your booth!



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Ultimate Partner Network Guide of Clean Energy and Sustainable Companies

At Energy Partner Network, we believe that partnerships are essential to business growth and development. By working with other leaders in the clean energy industry, you will accelerate your growth, increase your customer base, enhance your credibility in the sustainable energy community, create long term stability for your business, and gain a wealth of knowledge you can use to further build your brand and business in the future.

Your Partner Network for Clean Energy and Sustainable Companies

Energy Partner Network is a full-service solution for innovators, contractors and utilities who are looking to form new energy partnerships. By joining our ultimate partner network, you will gain access to thousands of potential clean energy partners in every area of the sustainable ecosystem, including (but not limited to):

·         Biomass & Biofuels    

·         Clean energy advocacy groups

·         EV Charging

·         Geothermal

·         HVAC Contractors

·         Renewable energy

·         Solar Power

·         Sustainable energy partnerships

·         Top green energy companies

·         Wind Power

Energy Partner Network features the best of the best in our digital energy partner directory, so you will be sure to find companies that meet your standards, share similar values and will help your business grow.

Finding the Right Clean Energy Partners

Every company is different — they are operated by different people; they share differing values; and they have different expectations. So, it is important to do your research before forming a partnership to make sure you find your perfect match.

Here are a few things to consider when you are choosing a clean energy partner:

·         Mutual trust and respect — trust and respect are at the core of any successful partnership. You must be able to completely trust that your new partner will make the right decisions and operate with integrity, and vice versa. You must also trust his or her competence and vision and have respect for his or her unique personality as well as his or her other partnerships.

·         Brand alignment — before agreeing to partner with another sustainable company, it is important to have a clear understanding of what each company does and how your brands align. You will want to be sure you form a partnership where you will equally benefit.

·         Values and goals — another key to success is finding a partner company that aligns with your goals and values. For example, it doesn’t make sense for a profit-driven company to partner with a company who is more concerned about social responsibility and puts profits second.

Benefits of Joining a Network for Clean Energy or Sustainable Companies

At Energy Partner Network, we are committed to helping our energy partners create meaningful relationships and form lasting partnerships. We offer a directory of the top clean energy companies and help our partners form relationships that will:

·         Increase access to knowledge, expertise and resources.

·         Enhance business credibility and image. When strong companies with similar values join forces, the influence and strength of each organization can grow drastically.

·         Grow your customer base.

·         Create long term stability.

If you are ready to join our network of clean energy and sustainable companies, register today!

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