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Energy Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a required practice in many states. Benchmarking measures a building’s energy use and efficiency. This type of auditing will un

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cover opportunities for improvement, compares one property to others like it and will provide the guidance needed to identify opportunities to improve the building’s overall performance.  Much of this work is mandated by states like New York in Local Laws LL87, LL84, LL133, LL33

  • Local Law 87: This law mandates that every 10 years a building owner performs an energy audit and retrofit commissioning.
  • Local Law 84: Energy and water usage reports must be submitted by large building owners so the state may review their usage data.
  • Local Law 133: This law is similiar to LL84, however is geared toward a smaller building owner.
  • Local Law 33: A grade is given regarding a building’s energy score and it must be displayed for all to see inside the building.

What is Energy Benchmarking?

Think of EB as a way to set a baseline of performance that overtime should show improvement. These benchmarks are looked at across properties of a similar size or to a certain standard that has been set. Areas that improve the efficiency of a building may include retrofitting the lighting, HVAC controls, ENERGY STAR equipment, adding insulation and new windows.

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