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The storage of weather-dependent energy sources like solar, wind necessitate advances in battery technology. New

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battery storage technologies are critical to solving supply gaps which will facilitate a complete conversion to renewable sources.EV battery improvements are also happening at a rapid speed.

The Vehicle Electrification Market is projected to eclipse $100 billion by 2025. Other forms of energy storage will deliver faster charging, longer-running electric vehicles. One of the biggest downfalls of EV charging is the high cost of faster EV battery charging stations, or Level 3 stations.

Lithium-sulfur batteries have been identified as the next step in battery progress. These batteries can be used longer than lithium-ion. A longer use battery helps to make electric vehicles more viable and could help widespread adoption. Lithium-sulfur batteries can also change how long a cellphone can remain charged. Most importantly, they are safer for the environment. Overall, this is the thing to watch in the battery evolution.

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