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Energy audits or onsite site assessments, are the starting point for virtually every efficiency project. They can serve several purposes – proposals and sales, measurement and verification or to comply to local laws regarding efficiency. The need to perform this task

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is always increasing and changing, therefore finding companies that can either do the site audit for you or provide a technology that helps is priceless.

Audit reports are the building blocks for a quality turnkey efficiency upgrade. Any tools that can help an auditor properly count and keep tract of existing measures and site conditions are beneficial. One of the best ways to keep change orders low during installation is to take photos, notes, and double check your counts. Therefore, pen and paper may not be the best way to perform an intake because it limits what you can save and how quickly and accurately you can detail the facility conditions. Today, many software products exist to perform LED lighting retrofits, HVAC upgrades, EV Charging proposals and other facility upgrades.

There are several software products available to facilitate project planning. LED retrofit lighting audit software and other assessments. Software can help increase your work productivity, track projects, create customer quotes and help you stop using Microsoft Excel. There are also companies that you can hire that specialize in performing site surveys.

A site assessment is an inspection and analysis of existing measures. After the intake software enables the user to select the best or highest incentivized replacement measures. Many utilities offer incentives for businesses through various direct install or rebate programs.  The overall goal of these programs is to upgrade a lighting, HVAC, refrigeration or other system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output. You may also want to see the benchmarking category.

In today’s world some companies are using virtual energy audits and drones to survey sites. These no contact audit methods have helped keep efficiency projects going.

Please explore our providers here or join today to promote your auditing capabilities or energy audit software, LED lighting audit software, HVAC audit software or EV Charging Audit Software.

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